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The Brunel Breconeers did it!13/06/2017

The Brunel Breconeers did it!


On the evening of Friday 9th June, The Brunel Breconeers begun their journey and preparation for the challenging following day; driving to Wales and setting up base overnight.

The valiant team awoke very early on Saturday 10th June and set off from their accommodation for the challenge at 5.45am fuelled by a full English breakfast. On arrival at the car park at the foot of Pen y Fan, the weather was already starting to close in and a thick swathe of cloud was descending the mountain.

The intrepid trio had a safety brief, collected their radio (with the call sign of Top Cat), had a photo taken and set off up the mountain at 6.45am.

At 10.30am a call was made requesting the support vehicle to return as it was likely the challenge could be shortened, due to high winds and persistent poor visibility. 

From blue skies and sunshine at ground level, it seemed unlikely the weather was that bad - but it was.

Imagine someone holding a hose pipe over your head for hours on end, that was what the weather was like. It was recorded as the worst weather any of the staff had experienced since launching the challenge.

The Brunel Breconeers came down off the first section of the challenge at 12.30pm like three drowned rats. But after quick change of tops, a drink and the commandeering of a guide, two of the Breconeers decided to carry on despite the awful weather conditions. 

The remaining Breconeer descended down the mountain to warmer weather and no rain, for a warm shower and some dry clothes.

At 4pm, the support vehicle returned to persistant rain and fog, in anticipation for the team's arrival.
Finally, at 4.45pm, the unmissable soggy yellow waterproofs of Gemma could be seen looming out of the mist, alongside her team-mate Dick.

They’d made it! In 10 hours!

Many other jubliant teams from the Swindon and Wilts area for joined together for a well-earned dinner that night, after a (mostly) successful day.

The grand total raised by all the teams that took part reached just over £33,000!!
And The Brunel Breconeers total continues to grow daily... but if you haven’t donated yet, there's still time at

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the challenge, the volunteers who supported the teams, the guides who managed the way points AND everyone who's donated or raised awareness for Youth Adventure Trust. We cannot put in to words how much we appreciate your support.