Fresh Fitness Fuel

Fresh Fitness Fuel

At Fresh Fitness Fuel we aspire to offer fresh and nutritious food. Our healthy food is freshly made daily and delivered fast. We formulate our recipes with our customer’s health in mind. Taste and nutritiousness are at the core of our values and that’s reflected in our menu. We hope to make healthy eating enjoyable to everyone by providing familiar dishes like curries. Hopefully, as the brand grows it will be known for its passion healthy eating and embracing it in its diversity.

Our meals are available to be consumed in The Crossing or can be taken away and enjoyed at home.

Opening Hours:
Monday1100 - 1800
Tuesday1100 - 1800
Wednesday1100 - 1800
Thursday1100 - 1800
Friday1100 - 1800
Saturday1100 - 1800
Sunday1100 - 1630